• Acquia

    Open source software supporting the Drupal Social Publishing System used by web developers worldwide for publishing and managing websites

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  • Apperian

    Apperian helps streamline mobile development for the enterprise, allowing developers to build sales, accounting, and other applications for mobile devices while Apperian handles the management infrastructure and security.

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  • AppIQ

    The benefits of utility computing for enterprises with real-time data storage requirements. Acquired by HP

  • Archivas

    Online archiving for fixed-content digital assets. Acquired by Hitachi Data Systems

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  • Authentica

    Enterprise Resource Management solutions for protecting intellectual property. Acquired by EMC

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  • Bluespec

    Synthesis toolset that significantly accelerates hardware design and reduces costs for semiconductor and systems companies

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  • Bright Tiger Technologies

    Software products that provided systems administration capabilities including content replication and management for Intranets. Acquired by Allaire

  • Centra Software

    A leading provider of software and services for online learning and training. Went public then acquired by Saba

  • Cognio

    Spectrum technology enhancing the WLAN by mitigating sources of radio frequency interference. Acquired by Cisco

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  • Demandware

    A leading on-demand ecommerce platform incorporating the functionality, customization and flexibility of an in-house application

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  • DYM

    Provided software for integrated defect analysis systems, enabling semiconductor manufacturers to enhance yield. Acquired by HPL

  • eRoom Technology

    Developed an enterprise-wide Internet application for managing cross organizational projects. Acquired by Documentum then by EMC

  • Excelligence Learning

    Educational products for children. Went public; later acquired by Thoma Cressey Equity Partners

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  • Firm58

    Web-based on-demand financial management software for capital markets brokerages, trading firms and market centers, boosting revenue, efficiency and profitability

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  • FirstSense Software

    Provided real-time applications performance management software. Acquired by Concord Communications

  • Gridco Systems

    Developing advanced power management systems for the distribution grid.

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  • I-Logix

    Developed solutions for Model-Driven Development, allowing graphic modeling of embedded systems. Acquired by Telelogic AB

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  • Idiom

    A leading provider of content Globalization Management Systems. Acquired by SDL

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  • Lumigent

    Enterprise data auditing software that helps organizations mitigate the risks associated with data use and regulatory compliance

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  • Nasuni

    Nasuni provides a consolidated storage solution for the distributed enterprise that offers built-in backup, replication and offsite protection using an on-site appliance connected to the cloud. With Nasuni, organizations can simplify IT, improve productivity, increase information security and reduce the total cost of storage.

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  • Newforma

    Software that streamlines project execution and reduces risk exposure for architecture, engineering and construction firms

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  • NOCpulse

    An Internet operations support system that allowed businesses to manage their web infrastructure with cost savings and improved accuracy of information. Acquired by Red Hat

  • Onshape Inc.

    Onshape Inc., formerly Belmont Technology Inc., is a venture-funded startup founded by members of the original SolidWorks team plus top engineers from the CAD, data center, mobile and streaming media industries.

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  • Paydiant

    A cloud-based, white label mobile wallet and payment solution enables banks, retailers, and processors to deploy a branded contactless mobile wallet, mobile payment and cash access platform without involving new intermediaries, while preserving the opportunity to create new revenue streams from highly targeted mobile ads and offers.

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  • Quallaby

    Produced Service Level Management tools and software that supported the performance of external network services. Acquired by Micromuse

  • Qvidian (previously Kadient)

    On-demand software helping companies enhance sales productivity by automating the creation, distribution and delivery of documents

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  • Ravel Law

    A new view on legal search

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  • Reval

    Global provider of an all in one SaaS solution that helps companies transform the way they manage treasury and risk across the enterprise.

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  • Revit Technology

    Software tools for the architectural, engineering and construction market. Acquired by Autodesk

  • REvolution Analytics

    Commercial software extensions and support for open source R, facilitating faster data analysis and more efficient predictive models

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  • RIFT.io

  • Silverback Technologies

    Integrated IT and security monitoring software, enabling organizations to deliver services profitably to mid-tier market clients. Acquired by Dell

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  • SilverStream Software

    An extensive platform for developing, deploying and managing enterprise level Internet applications. Acquired by Novell

  • SmartAsset

    We provide all the information and analysis you need to make the best possible financial decisions.

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  • SolidWorks

    Next-generation parametric solids modeling software and simulation products. Acquired by Dassault Systems SA

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  • SoundBite Communications

    High-quality interactive voice message applications enabling clients to achieve ambitious customer contact goals at lower cost [NASDAQ: SDBT]

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  • SpaceClaim

    Making 3D modeling accessible through a highly flexible design environment and a modern user experience

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  • SpringCM

    SpringCM is the leader in Content Cloud Services for the enterprise. We deliver Clearly More than cloud storage and file sharing—we put content to work. Our applications help global brands and public agencies increase revenues, cut costs, mitigate risk, engage employees, and delight customers.

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  • SQA

    A leader in Windows-based testing software. Acquired by Rational Software

  • Torrent Systems

    Software utilizing parallel processing for the warehousing of data and business intelligence. Acquired by Ascential Software

  • Unidesk

    The leading innovator of virtual desktop management software, reducing the costs of deploying and managing corporate desktops and applications while enhancing user productivity

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  • Viridity Software

    The leading provider of data center energy resource management software, enabling more efficient, eco-friendly datacenters

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  • Voxware

    Revolutionizing the delivery of voice picking software to support warehouse operations and supply chain performance [NASDAQ: VOXW]

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  • Yapp

    Create your own mobile app.

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  • Zettics

    Zettics provides a big data analytics solution to carriers that delivers immediate, actionable insights on data activities.

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  • Zinio Systems / Blue Dolphin Group

    A leading digital publishing and distribution platform for magazines and books. Aquired by Gilvest LP

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